Dedicated server

Article About Dedicated Servers

There are a number of servers in the market that are intended for different purposes. Some of the intended purposes include, for instance, hosting websites. In the business of web hosting business, there can be an arrangement where a remote server is entirely dedicated to an individual, a company or application.

What is dedicated hosting

dedicated-hostinggDedicated hosting denotes a type of hosting configuration where a server is specifically meant for a single purpose as opposed, for instance, to shared hosting where a server can be used for multiple purposes. The other term synonymous with dedicated hosting is “dedicated server.” As such, customers or businesses using this service are likely to lease, for example, an entire server or a number of servers.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Compared to other web hosting services, the benefits associated with dedicated hosting are varied and include:

  • Customization
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Reducing congestion
  • Support

With regard to customizations, dedicated server is considered to allow users a certain level of autonomy and control that appear impossible with other hosting solutions. Since the server is devoted, for instance, to a single client, it is possible to customize the server to meet one’s specific needs.

In the contemporary market, consumers are increasingly influenced by preferences such as convenience. For instance, a significant number of consumers today do not have the leisure of time to wait. In this regard, the uptime associated with dedicated hosting can contribute to repeat customers to a particular website.

Compared to other server options such as shared hosting, congestion is an issue that is less troubling to those relying on a dedicated server. Also, dedicated hosting can be a substitute for other hosting options that are likely to be disrupted especially when the website in question is resource laden.

With the advent of the technology, security is increasingly becoming a worrying issue for users. The benefits that users can derive from a dedicated server include better security measures to meet their presenting needs. Further, some of the security features that can help enhance physical security measures for those relying on a dedicated hosting option include, for example, biometric authentication.

There is also a certain level of support that is mostly associated with a dedicated hosting option. Such support is necessary because most of the customers relying on dedicated hosting are not accustomed to hosting crucial computing functions or websites.

Providers of Dedicated Hosting

Among the providers of dedicated hosting that are popular with customers include:

  • 100TB
  • InMotion
  • LiquidWeb
  • Interserver

When it comes to web hosting, the decision to choose the service that one needs can be a challenging task. The options available may include, but are not limited, for instance, to cloud hosting, dedicated server, or other solutions.

However, when one settles on a dedicated hosting option, the next move is to look out for the best provider that can suit his or her present needs. 100TB, for instance, is ideal for customers looking for a high power dedicated server that is also affordable.

InMotion, on the other hand, boasts of a reliable support team and better uptime statistics compared to other dedicated server providers. Subsequently, customers with such needs may seek dedicated hosting options provided by InMotion.

As a dedicated hosting provider, LiquidWeb, on its part, appeals to the target customers by giving them their own server control panel, which eliminates the need for technical support. Essentially, LiquidWeb improves customers’ experiences by giving them the power to control various tasks such as restarting the servers.

With Interserver, customers can get a speedy response to their inquiries, and technical support is readily available. In addition, the Company also offers customers free firewall safeguards and backups respectively.